Sketchy Kids 07

It’s getting real. Last time, I was experimenting with the cover of the zine. I did some more experimenting, but I also got some actual content for the zine. I also got the posters from the bands. So, now everything’s almost finished and ready to go to the printer. We’ve also made a Facebook page to show people the process of the zine. So if you’re interested, just click the link and like the page!

Because the black and white experiments from last post were a bit too rough/punk to me, I’ve decided to put some color in it.IMG_1379

But they still were just loose experiments to me, so I thought about something that could connect to the Sketchy Kids. I remembered I still had some encyclopedia from last year’s Montage classes, so I started looking into them. One of the books was book about fish and birds. Without really having a solid concept, I started to assign these images to different bands and hung them up on my wall. After a while I saw a group of 10 different species. This struck me, because the Sketchy Kids bands are actually a group of very different species, all nested within the same music scene.


I guess the bands won’t really like the idea of assigning different species of fish to their name, but anyway: I took a picture and took this as a starting point for further experimentations. The next thing I did, was to pick parts of this photograph as the actual cover of the zine. By doing this, you will get some overlaps and crossing images, but that’s exactly the point: they’re all part of a bigger whole.

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Next to this, I also did some small experiments with printing and overprinting. I first printed plain black text on a surface, which I then overprinted with a colored bitmap image. Because they were actual small prints (3 different prints on one A4 sheet) I then scanned them at 600% and zoomed in, which gave them a nice blurry kind of effect. I thought this was pretty cool, which also related to the “Sketchy” in Sketchy Kids. Also nice is the lines my printed produced because of low ink level.


Cover Tryouts 23 25 Cover Tryouts 23 252 Cover Tryouts 23 253So, finally I merged these two ideas into one idea which you can see below. It’s a collection of different (trippy) patterns of all kinds of animals. All set in color to create a distinction between the different issues and add interest to the cover.

IMG_1444 IMG_1445

As for now, I’m waiting for the final texts for Mountain Bike, so here are some more spreads I made for Double Veterans. They’re in a punkzine style (for example: the heavy, sometimes chaotic backgrounds, and texts in white borders placed on it) but with a different dynamic. Sometimes I’ve used text and image, sometimes only image, or text. Anyway, for me it’s almost finished so there won’t be too much drastic changes in the next couple of weeks.

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