Process Folio 07

Last week I’ve finally taken the step to put my full process from September until April into my process folio. So far, the process folio counts 400 pages. I’ve included my Pinterest pins and I’m also looking for a way to put my Graphic Synthesis stuff somewhere in the book.

I’ve included my page numbers again because I thought it was necessary to have second continuous line of numbers throughout the publication. I’m also working on an index which will contain a short summary of the assignments.

So far so good. I’ve printed some test pages on paper stock I’d like to use. It’s some kind of off white paper, about 120 gsm, but unfortunately, I haven’t found any real information about the paper. Anyway, on this paper I will be printing the entire chronological process of the past year. It will be printed in black and white, with sometimes a section in full colour. The reason why I’m using mostly black and white is because most of my work (and process) is, in fact, in black and white. I do have some pages in the process where colour is an important element, but they are few.

For the binding, I’ve been to a company in Turnhout (together with Timon Bloemen) to discuss the options. I’ve asked for a system which uses the same principle as a hardcover book, but with a soft cover. After more researching, I came to the Ota Bind, which is exactly what I was looking for. What’s good about this method is the fact that it can lie flat, without cracking the papers or the spine, and it can resist though situations. This might take a few days to dry (because it’s Cold Glue), but I’m sure it’s worth the investment.


So far for the process. Now, for my Pinterest and for the final results at the end of the year I’m doing it different. The Pinterest will be printed on a different paper stock, in colour. Obviously, because I want to make distinction between process and Pinterest, but also to visualize the different ‘influences’ on my Pinterest board:

Schermafbeelding 2015-04-14 om 13.06.38For the final results, I will be creating a different booklet, to be put next to, or inside, the process folio. The reason is simple: the moment I’m sending my PDF to the printer and the printed sheets to the book binder, the assignments won’t be finished yet (that’s because I’ll have to count 2 to 3 weeks for the production of the book – before the jury).
So, I thought it’d be interesting to print the final results very last minute in a different booklet (maybe in the same format, probably in a different, faster, binding technique), so they can be presented next to each other. The printing of the final results (as well as the processes) are important to me because they’re a good time document of what has been done this year, without being too nostalgic off course.

I guess that’s it for today. The next step is to add captions, get some feedback, add as much process as possible, and send it to the printer.


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