Sketchy Kids Zine 03

Checking out riso colors in comparison to pantone colors. They’re not exactly the same, but it gives me an impression of how the final result might look like. Thanks to the handy website of Ditto Press!

Testen kleurenscheiding

Also trying out the RGB and CMYK seperations, converted to 2 colors. Below you can see the effect of Red 032 (riso name = red) and 321 (riso name = teal) in different configurations. Because I’ve seperated the photograph from a black and white one, the different layers are mostly the same in all CMYK/RGB colors.

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So, I thought to do the same thing with a colored photograph. Below are some different combinations, compositions and random experiments.

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Also, apparently I did something wrong with photoshop so I got some glitches every now and then which I think are pretty cool:

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