Audio Typo 12

Some experimenting with fonts and sound files. This time I’ve opened both a font file and a flac sound file in text editor and scrambled up some code.

As you can see, both files have some kind of a header with basic information. For the font file, you’ve got the name, the copyright stuff, a list of the available characters in the font, etc. For the sound file it’s basically the same: song name and artist, copyright stuff, what decoder should be used, track number, etc.

First i’ve changed the font, in text editor, of the sound file to see what effect it has on the song.

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I’ve changed it to Nimbus 288 pt or so, but it had no effect. Which is quite obvious, because I’ve only changed the appearance of the file and not the actual content.

So, next I’ve copied some code from my font file into the sound file and it did have some effect: because I’ve put the code at the begin of the sound file, the song glitched a bit, skipped the first part and went on without any problem. Although the song ended earlier in VLC, the player showed the same duration information of the previous – non corrupted – sound file.

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Next, I’ve copied text from the sound file into the font file, which gave a cool corrupted font file as you can see below:

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Also pretty weird is to change a font file with text from a jpeg file.

Schermafbeelding 2015-02-02 om 21.09.13

I’ve got no clue how these new signs came about but I guess it’s one of the international character sets of the font.


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