Identity 04

Here we are, back on the word press. Since last time, I’ve done some experimenting with my name cards and my website.

First the name cards. I’ve dropped my last idea because it seemed a bit too simple for me (which was to just print my most important information on one side, and a detail of work I’ve done on the other side). Also, the size I had in mind for the card isn’t so interesting for me at this moment.

So I came up with another idea: to print a small poster (a bit less tall than A4), and fold it into a name card. Also, by folding the poster, you get pages, so I’ve used them to put some of my work on them. Here’s what it looks like:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

But I’m still not really satisfied with the folding of it. It seems a bit too much ado for a simple business card.

For the website, which can be viewed here, I’ve made a single page with a selection of my projects on it, in reverse chronological order. Contact information can be viewed on the left and a list of projects on the right. By clicking on a link, you get directed to a project. By hovering your mouse over a picture, you instantly get information of it. The website isn’t finished yet, but should be completed in a week or so. Then I can finally start looking for an internship!


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