Audio Typo 11

Today, I’ve compared different letters in different fonts in different formats in different cases in nodebox. To be more precise: I’ve created an inDesign document (standard portrait A4 format), and I’ve typed in the first three letters of the alphabet: a, b, c in lowercase and A, B, C in uppercase, both in Futura Std and Cochin Regular. Then i’ve exported these pages into pdf’s and jpg’s.

Schermafbeelding 2014-12-12 om 08.46.34

After this, I’ve converted these files again to wav’s using Audacity, and applied them back to their respective letters in nodebox. If you look closely to the picture below, you can actually see the differences of the file structure between PDF (the first 6 rows) and JPG. The difference in length is obvious, but they also have different tones, which will be discussed later on. If you take a closer look at the first 6 rows, there’s also a difference between each of them (look at the end of each line). These are the differences between a, b and c, and A, B and C (uppercase vs lowercase, different letterforms).

The first 6 rows are made up from PDF's, the next 6 from JPG's, and the last 3 JPG's but with a different font.

The first 6 rows are made up from PDF’s, the next 6 from JPG’s, and the last 3 JPG’s but with a different font.

Now, these PDF wav files were really short in length (less than 1/10th of a second), but thanks to the loop function of the audio devices in nodebox, that’s not really much of a problem, so I continued.

Below, you can find a short video with the sound files applied to the letters.

– First, you’ll hear the Futura Std letter ‘a’ in a PDF structure,
– Next, you’ll hear the same font and letter in a JPG,
– Then, the same font, but the capital letter ‘A’ in a JPG,
– After this, again Futura Std, with the capital letter ‘B’ in a JPG,
– Finally, the Cochin capital letter ‘C’ in a JPG.

As you might have noticed, these are some different sounds than the ones I’ve recorded before. They’re really anxious, aggressive and irritating. But, there is a difference between the different letters, fonts, case and file structure, so I made my point. I think it’d be really cool to have an enormous list of every letter of the alphabet, all in a different font, in different cases, both in JPG and PDF. Sounds ambitious? Sure. We’ll see what happens!


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