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Today, we’ve had our final class of Self Publishing for this semester so I thought it’d be good to give short summary of the past few weeks before the exams begin.

First, we’ve got a teacher switch (as said in my previous post, I’ve got more than one teacher. Apparently it’s only two: Boy and Joris who will actually teach us, Ward and Hugo were present in the first class because they are interested in the course for their Yellow Press platform).

For Boy’s assignment: at this moment it’s on hold, but I’ve discussed the past results with Boy and we got to the conclusion it would be better to just scan/download/photograph any image in cartoons/zines/television shows/movies, put them in a booklet and that’s it. The reason why I’m taking all of these images is because the booklet should make point that the everyman character is used in a lot of media to get an audience into a story (not only in literature, as the definition stated). So my next step for this will be to do some hardcore downloading and archiving of all these different everyman around the world and print ’em in an interesting booklet. For now, it’s on hold, but in a few months Boy will ask us to present our work for his assignment and then I’ll get back to work. At this moment, I’ve got more urgent things to do.

So, after Boy left two weeks ago, Joris gave us the new assignment for this course. It’s quite simple: at the end of this school’s year we will publish a magazine/booklet/book about the subject of this course, namely: Self Publishing. This publication will be filled with guest speakers (we’ve had one today, more about it in a minute) and our own findings. This can be very broad, from examples of publishing distribution models in literature, to vanity publishing, to ecological publishing to the production costs of a publication and even a real glossary with publishing terms. The first class, I took Willem Elsschot’s “Lijmen/Het Been” and a book about self published books called “Behind the Zines: Self Publishing Culture” (Gestalten).

The first book, in very short, is about a guy ‘Laarmans’ who gets to work for a guy called ‘Boorman’ who runs his “Algemeen Wereldtijdschrift voor Financiën, Handel, Nijverheid, Kunsten en Wetenschappen”, which is basically a magazine about everything. He goes to various companies to sell this magazine with a nice review of the company in it. What these companies don’t know is that they get tricked because they are practically obliged to buy a large quantity of these magazines at an excessive price, and they have to get rid of these magazines themselves (Boorman doesn’t do distribution). After a while, Laarmans finds himself in the midst of this business and has to run the magazine himself (including asking the money of a ‘client’ every month again and again). He starts to feel guilty and then the second book start, called ‘Het Been’.
I thought it was an interesting view of a publisher’s point of view of running a magazine.
The second book had a nice overview of some self published magazines/fanzines/zine/artzines/…

For now, we’re just collecting as much interesting information as possible and discuss it every week.

Willem Elsschot - "Lijmen/Het Been". Image kindly taken from

Willem Elsschot – “Lijmen/Het Been”.
Image kindly taken from

Today, we’ve had an interesting talk with Kris Kimpe, originator of UP fanzine (together with Koenraad Dedobbeleer) in which they collect photographs of architectures around the world they find interesting. It started in 2006, and is now (I believe) to it’s 15th issue, every issue about a different architecture, but all in the same format (A5), with the same UP ‘logo’ on the cover and the same ‘imprint’ in every issue. This imprint gives more information about the building, it’s architect, location, etc. The fanzine struck me because it’s really for the love of architecture they put it together. It’s all DIY, so the graphic design is also done by the guys themselves. For this reason, they’re not obliged to anything, they don’t take tips (because they only select the buildings themselves), nor do they ask any money for the issues. Only interested people that mail to them get an issue. It’s astonishing to see these kinds of fanzines still exist so I will definitely keep an eye on this fanzine ‘UP’.

Koenraad Dedobbeleer Kris Kimpe La Loge-UP13 Koenraad Dedobbeleer Kris Kimpe La Loge-UP16

That’s it for now I guess, the next post for this class will be in January probably, so let’s first do this jury thing, then do some exams and then take a good break. Bye!


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